Jerry and his sister Pat

Blind Dreams


A documentary film


John R. Dorchester


Missy Moyer

Blind Dreams and Ambitions

© 2010 John R. Dorchester

Dedicated to the memory of Patricia Gray, Jerry’s sister.

to the quick. It is a powerful story of two flawed men and their adventure down a path that eventually merges at the intersection of Blind Dreams and Ambitions.

Featuring Pat Gray, Jerry Burrus, Sean Crane and WIllie Nelson

Blind Dreams and Ambitions tells the true story of Jerry Burruss, a blind, African American musician who lives in rural isolation in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Though Jerry is a gifted musician, the direction of his life is completely dependent on others.  Even at age seventy, he is very childlike.  He lives with his sister, Pat, who cares for him, feeds him, dresses him and bathes him. He is trusting, innocent and vulnerable.   

Jerry spends nearly seventy years alone in the country, teaching himself to play guitar by listening to the radio.   For a lifetime he sits in his house dreaming of having his own band and meeting his heroes, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.

So when a convicted felon promises to make Jerry’s dreams come true, the line between fantasy and reality at first blurs, then sharpens and cuts

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